Special Refuse Collection Program

The City of Cleveland Heights is pleased to offer special assistance to seniors and disabled residents who need help placing their refuse and recycling carts out for collection.   

To qualify for the program, residents must:

  • Be 75 years or older and who have no one living with them who is able to move the carts to the street for collection.
  • Be younger than 75 years of age with a documented condition that prevents them from moving their carts.
  • Live alone with no one to take the carts to the curb

To enroll in the program, please complete the application and right-of-entry and release form.  

By completing this form, you grant permission to Cleveland Heights Public Works employees to enter your property to collect your refuse and recycling carts and release the City of Cleveland Heights and its respective employees from any and all claims connected with this service.  Please call the Public Works Department at 216-291-2829 if you have any questions.

Program participants are required to use only City-issued refuse and recycling carts.  Carts should be placed outside of your garage or another specified location after 6:00pm on the day prior to your collection or by 7:00am on the day of your collection.  City employees will place your carts back to the same location after emptying the carts.  Please keep your driveway clear of snow, ice, and other debris and/or hazards on your collection day to ensure safe passage by City collectors.  If there is not clear passage, your cart may not be emptied.

Please be advised that this service is only for refuse and recycling cart collection.  Regular rules apply to bulk waste, yard waste and all other City collections.