Lawn/Yard Waste and Kraft Bags

Kraft bags will be collected fro May 2023 through October 2023. Kraft bags should only contain yard waste. During loose leaf collection in April and November residents should rake loose leaves to the tree lawn. Leaves and yard waste will NOT be collected in plastic bags. Brush, tree and hedge trimmings must be cut and tied into bundles not more than four feet in length and two feet in diameter in order to be collected on your regularly scheduled trash pickup day. Brush that is too large to be tied into bundles can be picked up for an additional charge; arrangements must be made in advance by calling 216-691-7300 Please refer to the City’s leaf collection app to find out when the City will be on your street.

kraft bags

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  The City disposes of yard waste with recycling vendors that use the yard waste to make mulch, etc. Only grass clippings, leaves and small branches should be placed in the brown Kraft yard waste bags.  When solid waste that is not organic in nature is placed in with yard waste it contaminates the material and it cannot be recycled.  For this reason, the City will be rejecting yard waste bags that contain plastics, bottles, bags, cans, flowering trays, and any other unacceptable material.  Remember, bags should not weigh more than 40 lbs. and should be folded up top if at all possible and is limited to 10 bags per collection.  Help us to recycle correctly by placing only allowable material in the bag.