2023 Leaf Collection

Leaf Pickup will resume in Fall 2023

Kraft bags will be collected from May 2023 through October 2023. Kraft bags should only contain yard waste. Please rake loose leaves to the tree lawn.

  • Leaves and yard waste will NOT be collected in plastic bags.
  • Brush, tree and hedge trimmings must be cut and tied into bundles not more than four feet in length and two feet in diameter in order to be collected on your regularly scheduled trash pickup day. Brush that is too large to be tied into bundles can be picked up for an additional charge; arrangements must be made in advance by calling 216-691-7300.

Leaf Considerations

  • Please do not rake or blow leaves into the street where they are a safety hazard and could also block drains.
  • It is illegal to burn leaves in the City of Cleveland Heights.

Larger Yard Debris Preparation

  • Brush, tree and hedge trimmings must be cut and tied securely into bundles no larger than four feet in length and two feet in diameter. 
    • Size limitation is established in the interest of employee safety and is strictly enforced.
  • Christmas trees should be placed on the tree lawn for the regular collection. These items must be completely removed:
    • Lights
    • Metal Stands
    • Nails
    • Ornaments
    • Plastic bags
  • Leaves and brush must be kept in separate piles on the tree lawn.
    • Combined piles cannot be collected.
  • Logs: Cut no more than 18 inches in length and 6 inches in diameter and stacked

Frequently Asked Questions

Locate answers to common questions regarding the City’s yard debris collection services

Special Requests

Loose brush and cut loose branches may be picked between May and November by requesting a special pickup if there is truck availability and enough man power to do the job. You must get permission prior to putting out the special pickup from the Sanitation Department Supervisor who reserves the right to charge depending on how large the special pickup is. When the service is unavailable then all yard waste must be bagged or tied in bundles, neither weighing more than 40 lbs. and branches no longer than 4 feet.

Please call the Public Works Department at 216-691-7300 to make arrangements for collection.

Improper Packaging

Yard debris will not be collected if packaged in:

  • Plastic Bags
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Animal Feed
  • Other Food Bags

Weight Limits

Bags may weight no more than 40 pounds each. Weight limitations are established in the interest of employee safety and are strictly enforced. 

Kraft Bag Collection Seasons & Days

  • Kraft bags are only collected from April through October.
  • Loose leaves that are raked or blown to the tree lawn in the Fall (the month of November) and Spring (the month of April) will be collected (weather permitting) from your property.

Snow Impacts & Considerations

  • If snow begins to fall during the loose leaf collection season, it becomes nearly impossible to maintain the collection schedule. 
  • The same workers and many of the same vehicles collecting leaves are used for snow and ice control. 
  • If snow completely covers the leaves, they cannot be collected. 
  • A light snow or rain will greatly reduce the efficiency of the leaf collection operation.