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Refuse and Recycling Cart distribution began on April 11, 2022, and we anticipate completing all cart delivery within four weeks. During these four weeks, the cart manufacturer, Cascade Engineering Company, will deliver carts Monday through Saturday.

Carts are being delivered according to residents’ regularly scheduled collection days, and it will take 4-5 days to deliver carts to all residents scheduled for each collection day

The table below outlines when cart delivery should take place for each scheduled collection day.

Once your carts arrive, please begin using them. 

If your scheduled collection day is:Cart delivery:
FridayBegan April 11
MondayBegan April 16
TuesdayBegan April 19
WednesdayBegan April 23
ThursdayBegan April 29

A Refuse and Recycling Packet should be inside one of your carts when they arrive. This packet contains important information about what can and can not go in each type of cart, along with other details about Cleveland Heights’ collection services. 

Each cart has a chip electronically linking it to a specific residential address. Please DO NOT remove carts that have been delivered to other addresses. The City will confiscate any carts detected at addresses where they are not registered

If you do not receive your carts within five days of when cart delivery is scheduled to begin for your collection day, please contact the City at (216) 691-7300. Also, please contact the City if you notice any carts delivered to vacant properties. 

If you encounter problems concerning your carts, please complete the form below.