Snow Removal

Winter Service

The Cleveland Heights Service Department is armed and ready for this year’s winter snow plowing season. 

Street Snow Clearance

During heavy snow fall events, plow trucks are usually diverted onto the main streets first. Once main streets are safe and passable, trucks then proceed to plow secondary side streets. 

Road Salting

Sodium chloride deicing agents (road salt) are applied on main streets. On secondary side streets road salt is applied only at stop signs, intersections, hills, and within school zones. 

Winter Safety Guidelines

In order to ensure a safe and successful season clearing the City’s roadways, the department asks that residents and motorists observe the following guidelines:

When Plow Trucks Are Operating

  • Do not attempt to pass plow trucks. Plow drivers are constantly observing all conditions around them and sometimes may have to swerve around parked cars or obstacles in the road.
    • Maintain a safe distance from the rear of the plow truck. Do not follow closer than 25 feet from the back of the truck. 
    • Plow truck drivers may be forced to slow or stop suddenly in order to protect pedestrians on the sidewalk from snow being thrown.
  • Trucks sometimes plow in tandem multiples of 2, 3, or even 4 at a time on main streets in order to clear one half of the road at a time. 
    • Motorists should never attempt to overtake plow trucks during this type of operation. 
    • Always maintain a safe distance from the rear-most truck.

Driving on Snow / Ice

  • Use caution and reduce your speed when driving on freshly fallen snow or snow that has not been plowed.
  • Check your speed and allow extra time getting to your destination. Never drive in a hurry during snowy conditions.

Snow Shoveling

Please do not throw snow from driveways and sidewalks into the street. This can create an unsafe condition for motorists, and typically results in the snow being plowed back up into the driveway anyway.

Snowplow Operator Permits

To apply for commercial snowplow operation, please view these documents and forms:

Further Information

To learn more, please email the Cleveland Heights Service Department or call 216-691-7300.