Energy Aggregation


The City of Cleveland Heights is a member of NOPEC (The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council) which is a non profit council of governments founded in the early 2000s, shortly after the state stopped regulating the natural gas and oil industries. NOPEC’s board of trustees consists of government officials from each of the participating counties.

Energy aggregation programs negotiate a group rate with natural gas and electricity suppliers for all participating communities. NOPEC which serves 220+ communities in Ohio and is in 13+ counties in Northeast Ohio is one of the largest energy aggregation programs in the United States. The program does not cost our City any extra money.

The following sites will provide you with more detailed information:

Please note: You can opt out if you choose not to participate and negotiate a rate with the private company of your choice. Just be sure to learn what the term is for the rate. 

If you have received notification that you have opted out of the aggregation program when you did not initiate an opt out, this may be due to a mailing from NOPEC being returned as undeliverable. Please contact NOPEC at 440-248-1992 to resolve this issue.