Community Relations

Good Neighbor Tips (PDF)


A vital link between City Hall and its residents, Community Relations promotes communication between City Council, City staff and residents.


Community Relations responsibilities include the:

  • Coordination of City Hall tours
  • Coordination of community neighborhood and street meetings
  • Distribution of information packets to new homeowners and renters
  • Formation of block clubs
  • Scheduling of block parties, block party barricade reservations and street party equipment

In addition, Community Relations Assistants make every effort to respond to neighborhood concerns as quickly as possible to ensure that issues are resolved before they accelerate into more serious situations. If you have a neighborhood concern, feel free to Email Community Relations.

Community Relations Neighborhoods

  1. Boulevard
  2. Caledonia
  3. Canterbury
  4. Coventry 
  5. Fairfax
  6. Milikin
  7. Noble
  8. Oxford
  9. Roxboro


If you have questions or concerns about any issue concerning your street, neighborhood or questions about the community in general, Community Relations can help. Please email them at