Contractors Regulations

Contractors must be registered with the City of Cleveland Heights. Since the term "contractor" includes "sub-contractors," they cannot legally work under a "homeowner" permit unless they are doing work for which a permit is not required (i.e., floor tile work under the homeowner's bathroom remodel permit). Registration protects you by requiring the contractor to provide liability insurance and a bond to ensure fiscal responsibility, the completion of your project, and code-conforming work. Homeowners need not be registered to obtain a permit to personally perform work upon their established residence, provided that it is a single, two or three-family property. They may not, however, make any connection to a public utility system (sewer or water line hook-ups).

View a list of registered contractors Cleveland Heights Contractor Information website.

Contractor Registration/Bond Forms

Bond Forms

Please note, the Bond Form must be submitted to your insurance company and filled out with the required signatures. The Bond Form must be signed by the owner of the business and the originals submitted along with a Certificate of Liability Insurance, for contractor registration.