Fair Practices Board


To investigate and settle complaints of discriminatory practices in a housing, employment, education, and public accommodation context, and to prohibit "blockbusting" and other similar real estate practices which limit housing options and result in the de-stabilization of communities, a decline in property values, and/or the segregation or resegregation of neighborhoods.

Rules & Regulations

Consists of three residents and one alternate who are not holding public office at the municipal, county, state or federal level, nor are employed by any real estate company or lending institution. The board investigates and reviews discrimination complaints concerning unlawful housing practices, and recommends, when necessary, educational and other programs designed to promote fair housing practices. No member shall be appointed and serve for more than six consecutive years.


City Council regularly seeks interested Cleveland Heights residents to serve on its boards and commissions. If there is an area where you feel your expertise, interest or experience would be of value, please fill out the online Boards and Commissions Application.


  • Meets as Needed
  • Cleveland Heights City Hall Executive Conference Room