Commission on Aging


  • 3rd Friday of every month
  • Cleveland Heights Senior Center Conference Room


The Commission on Aging shall have as its purpose to serve in an advisory capacity to Council on concerns of the aging and to recommend programs for the aging and means of implementing such programs.

Rules & Regulations

This commission is comprised of 13 members. Permanent non-voting members shall be the Mayor, or their designated representative, and the Chairman of the Council Committee on Community Relations and Recreation or a designated member of that Committee. Voting members shall be appointed by Council. Nine members shall be Cleveland Heights residents, at least seven of whom shall be 60 years of age or older. The remaining two members need not be Cleveland Heights residents; however, at least one of the non-resident members shall have some expertise in some aspect of gerontology. No voting member shall be appointed to serve for more than eight consecutive years.


City Council regularly seeks interested Cleveland Heights residents to serve on its boards and commissions. If there is an area where you feel your expertise, interest or experience would be of value, please fill out the online Boards and Commissions Application.