Strategic Development Plan

Investment & Development Guide

The Strategic Development Plan 2011 (PDF) is a guide for action for the Planning Commission, Administration, City Council and all who invest and develop in Cleveland Heights.

This document provides perspective on how best to plan for, encourage and prioritize future development and community initiatives in conjunction with private investments. A strong public-private investment partnership that facilitates new development will work to augment the city’s tax base and build upon our accomplishments. As a management strategy, the plan is envisioned to:

  • Establish goals and tactics;
  • Identify community and development issues;
  • Prioritize these issues;
  • Provide a vehicle for progress measurement and process monitoring; and
  • Establish a time line and initiatives to move the city forward.

Work to Continue

It will be essential to continue to maintain, upgrade and promote our unique housing stock, to invest in our stable commercial districts, to retain and attract persons of diverse economic, racial and religious backgrounds, to support the arts, and to provide diverse recreational activities. A summary of existing conditions is included in the first part of this document.

Annual Revises

The plan is to be reviewed as needed, annually at a minimum, to allow for adjustments due to changing conditions. It is also envisioned as one basis for measuring ongoing economic development activity and planning efforts.