December 2022 Cases

Case Number:3555
Applicant:D. King & S. Curry
Address:1582 Compton Rd. (map)
DistrictA Single-Family
Request:Requests a variance to Schedule 1121,12(d) (1) to permit studio/garage to be taller than max. 15’.
Site Plan (PDF)
Statement of Practical Difficulty (PDF)
Action:Granted 3-1
Case Number:3556
Applicant:Cleveland Heights University Heights Public Library
Address:2800 Noble Rd. & 2780 Kirkwood Rd. (map)
DistrictA Single-Family and MF-2 Multi-Family
Request:Proposed Noble Rd. Library addition, requests variances to:
  1. Schedule 1153.03(4) supplemental standards for conditional uses
    • to permit library front yard setback on Noble Rd. to be less than 50’;
    • to permit parking lot along Kirkwood to be set back less than 50’ from ROW;
    • to permit expansion of parking lot along Montevista to be setback less than 50’from ROW and
    • to permit a portion of Montevista parking lot to have rear yard setback less than min. 10’;
  2. Section 1123.12(a)(5) to permit the dumpster to be setback less than min. 25’ from rear & side property line.
Site Plan (PDF)
Statement of Practical Difficulty (PDF)
Action:1. Granted 3-0
2. Granted 3-0