South of Cedar - Parking and Traffic Study

Grandview, Bellfield, Delaware, S. Overlook and Harcourt 

study area map


Beginning in 2019, the City of Cleveland Heights undertook a comprehensive, data, and neighborhood-driven traffic and parking study of the area south of Cedar, including Grandview Avenue, Bellfield Avenue, Delaware Road, S. Overlook Road, and Harcourt Drive and the intersections of those streets with Cedar Road, North Park Boulevard and Cecil Place. This initiative included transportation engineers and parking consultants (WSP and Desman), along with representatives of the City Manager’s office and the Police, Planning, and Economic Development departments.

Project materials are listed below. The COVID-19 pandemic delayed completion of the study and its implementation. The City is hopeful that it could implement recommendations of the study in 2021 on a trial basis utilizing NOACA’s Street Supplies program. As part of the trial measures, parking would be monitored and traffic speed and volume remeasured to assess the effect of the changes.

If you have questions about the project, please feel free to contact Eric Zamft, Planning Director at

Project Materials