Sustainable Zoning


Cleveland Heights City Council adopted the Sustainable Zoning Code Amendment (PDF) on May 21, 2012. This amendment is the result of an effort to make development regulations more sustainable. This project was not a re-write of the zoning ordinance, but rather a way to supplement current regulations to make them more sustainable.

An initial public meeting was held on September 29, 2010. View the PowerPoint presentation / discussion outline (PDF) presented at that meeting.

Zoning Consultant

The City's zoning consultant, Camiros, Ltd., completed an analysis and evaluation of the Cleveland Heights Zoning Code. Camiros presented their technical report to citizens and Council at a public meeting on January 10, 2011. Read the Sustainability Audit (PDF).

City Council reviewed the audit to determine which suggestions to pursue and to what extent. A draft zoning code has incorporated these concepts and was sent to the Planning Commission. City Council held a public hearing on the proposed Sustainable Zoning Code Amendments on March 26, 2012.

Public Hearings

The Planning Commission held public hearings on the proposed zoning amendments before approving or disapproving them and sending the code back to City Council for final approval. The amended zoning code regulations were reviewed with the Planning Commission at their March meeting. The Planning Commission reviewed and discussed the proposed Sustainable Zoning Code Amendments at their April 11 meeting.


City Council considered the Planning Commission's recommendation and adopted the Sustainable Zoning Amendments in May.