Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)

Well-kept neighborhood house

Fixing Blighted Structures & Renovating Properties

Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP 1) funds were received through the State of Ohio Department of Development and are being used to demolish blighted residential structures and to renovate vacant and foreclosed properties in specific target areas. Both of these activities help to keep neighborhoods viable and will benefit low- and moderate-income areas and residents of Cleveland Heights. Our NSP target areas directly overlap CDBG identified low-and moderate-income census tracts. The NSP Caledonia target area includes Census Tract 1403.01 Block 2 (49.7% LMI), Block 3 (48.7% LMI) and Block 4 (62.0% LMI). The NSP Randolph target area includes all of Census Tract 1401 Block 2 (49.2% LMI). The NSP Noble Monticello target area includes Census tract 1404 Block 2 (47.5% LMI) and Census Tract 1405 Block 3 (48.2% LMI).


Twelve houses have been or are in the process of being renovated and will be sold to owner occupants that meet the NSP income guidelines. Twenty four houses have been demolished or are slated to be demolished in our NSP designated neighborhoods.

Funding & Future Plans

Cleveland Heights has been awarded $250,000 of Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP 3) funds through Cuyahoga County. The NSP Target Area is Census Tract 1407.01 Block 1. A minimum of two vacant, foreclosed houses will rehabilitated and sold to owner occupants who are income qualified. The income limit for an NSP household is 120% of the median income. The City will demolish blighted structures in this target area and conduct outreach efforts to encourage low-and moderate-homeowners to take advantage of the housing repair programs available in the community.