Just For Kids

Hi kids, this page is just for you. Staying safe means knowing what to do in case of a fire or other emergency.  

Emergency Number

Know the number to call in case of emergency. Do not stay in the house if it is on fire. Go to the nearest neighbor to call for help. If your house is on fire and you are inside a closed room feel the door before you open it to see if it is hot. Breathing smoke can be very dangerous. Heat rises, so there will be more smoke higher in the room. Get on your hands and knees and crawl to the nearest exit away from the fire.

Emergency Escape Plan

Make an emergency escape plan with your family on what you should do in case of a fire. Plan an escape route to get out of the home in case of a fire. Agree on a meeting place outside of the home where you will gather to make certain everyone has made it out of the house safely. Have a practice fire drill.

Stop, Drop & Roll

If your clothing should catch on fire it is important to remember not to run. You can put out the fire if you remember to stop, drop and roll. If the sleeves of your clothes are not on fire use your arms to cover and protect your face.