Severance Town Center Vision Statement

(Revised Draft for Public Review 08/26/2022)

Severance Town Center is located in the heart of Cleveland Heights. Its history, first as a private estate, then as a ground-breaking regional mall, and most recently as a struggling retail center is reflective of the history of the City itself. This status quo is no longer acceptable and its future is of the utmost importance to the City. The City is committed to working diligently toward a vision for the redevelopment and reimagination of Severance Town Center.

As the heart of Cleveland Heights, Severance Town Center demands redevelopment and reimagination to assure dynamic, cutting-edge development, spaces, and uses that:

  • Create an Intentional City Center with a Mix of Civic, Green, and Other Uses
  • Are Transformational and Not Incremental
  • Are Economically and Environmentally Sustainable over the Long-Term
  • Pump Energy and Activity out into the City’s Neighborhoods
  • Are Consistent with the Values of Cleveland Heights, but also Forward Looking
  • Are Unique and Reflective of the Diversity of Cleveland Heights
  • Create a Sense of Place Attractive to Residents, Visitors, Shoppers, Business and Property Owners, and Others
  • Include a Resilient Group of Uses and Users
  • Will be Enjoyed and Accessible to all Ages and Abilities
  • Are Based Upon Innovative Zoning that Allows Wide-Ranging, Strategically Appropriate Possibilities