City Council Applicants

These are the Cleveland Heights residents who have applied to be considered for the City Council vacancy in January 2023. City Council is appreciative of their willingness to serve. 

Applegate, Harriet
Barbee II, Lee
Boyd, Janine
Brintnall, Sara
Gordon, Jeanne
Herzig, Drew
Isler-Hunter, Sheronda
Kreisler, Neal
Lang, Jennifer
Nadas, Tas
Petras, Jim
Reeves, Shelli
Silverman, Eric
Singh, Akshai
Slater, Jonathon
Snodgrass, Al
Volpe, Paul
Ware, Cole
Williams, James
Wilson, Ray


Hurley, JimKluge, GraigOswick, Ronald
Popivker, AlecRoulston, TomWeiser, Menash