Safety Tips

The City of Cleveland Heights has been recognized as one of the safest cities in which to live among cities of our size. Since it is always helpful to review ways to protect our property and ourselves, we offer the following tips:

  • Please be smart. Remember to lock your doors and windows.
  • Do not leaves purses, cell phones, etc. in plain view through your windows.
  • Use lights effectively. When you are going to be gone for any length of time, use clock-timers or a photo-electric relay to turn lights or your radio on and off and, of course, alter your lighting patterns.
  • When going away, advise a trusted neighbor of your absence. Ask a neighbor to pick up your paper, mail and flyers. Make your home looked lived in.
  • Leave outdoor lights on at night. Make sure the fixture is high enough and out of reach. However, be sure your lights do not reflect too much light on your neighbor's property.
  • Report broken street lights to FirstEnergy's Automated Outage Reporting Line: 888-LIGH-TSS or 888-544-4877.
  • Keep shrubbery trimmed to a reasonable height so windows and doors are visible.
  • Remember to lock your cars; be sure to secure I-Pods, GPS monitors, CDs, phones, etc.
  • Close and lock garage doors whether at home or away. Lock car doors; keep your car in the garage.
  • Put things away. Don't leave articles on sidewalks, lawn or porch. Do not leave your bike unlocked and unattended, even in your driveway or on your porch.
  • When not riding, lock your bike with a chain to a place where it can not be lifted over a pole. Register your bike at City Hall.
  • If you have sliding glass doors, put a pin through the frame or grip for extra security. Use wedges, pins or brass fittings to prevent windows from being opened above a certain height.
  • Don't open doors to strangers.
  • Be alert for unusual activities. Call the police. The police want to hear from you no matter how minor you may think a situation. Report to police any suspicious activity. Call 216-321-1234. Call 911 in an emergency situation.

The police do their job effectively because of the tradition of resident involvement and support. Be a good neighbor. Get to know one another - that way it is easier to spot an unusual occurrence.