Grant Deming's Forest Hill Neighborhood

It's a Neighborhood & a Community

Grant Deming's Forest Hill Neighborhood is situated within walking and biking distance to University Circle, the Cleveland Heights' Cedar Lee and Coventry Village commercial areas which are chock full of independent businesses and services; and within an easy commute to downtown Cleveland.


Grant Deming's Forest Hill Allotment Historic District, also known as the Grant Deming Neighborhood, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010 and is roughly bounded by Cedar Road, Coventry Road, Lincoln Boulevard and Lee Roads in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Developed on land formerly owned by John D. Rockefeller the neighborhood's gently curving streets, bluestone sidewalks, towering trees and historic homes create beautiful places to live. Read more about the Grant Deming's Forest Hill Historic District.

Great Houses & Tree-Lined Streets

Built 1910-1930 during the heyday of local development in the streetcar suburb of Cleveland Heights, the neighborhood's charming and unique homes exemplify the quality of construction and workmanship that people who appreciate historic neighborhoods covet.

Wonderful Neighbors

Grant Deming's Forest Hill Neighborhood is home to a lively and diverse mixture of residents. We're active and engaged with block clubs, a neighborhood social network, social events and advocacy efforts. In fact, Lincoln Boulevard's Street Club is the oldest extant block club in Cleveland Heights since 1917!

More Resources

Fill out the Nations Register Nomination Form (PDF) for nominations.

For more information, please call the Cleveland Heights Department of Planning and Development at 216-291-4878, email them, or stop by Cleveland Heights City Hall:
40 Severance Circle
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118