October 2023 Cases

Project Number:23-23
Applicant:F. Reilly
Address:3085 Fairmount Rd. (map)
District:A and AA Single-Family
Request:Requests lot resubdivision for PPNs 686-28-010 & 686-28-031 per Code Chapters 1111, 1115, & 1121.
Site Plans (PDF)
Actions:Postponed until November 2023 Planning Commission meeting
Project Number:23-24
Applicant:Shimaa Hassan Tolba/Nobil Amir, LLC,
Address:2610 Noble Rd. (map)
District:C-2 Local Retail
Request:Requests expansion of conditional use permit to allow 24-hour operation, eliminate private security requirement, & a kitchen addition to prepare carry-out food with existing gas station/convenience store per Code Chapters 1111, 1115, 1131, 1151,1153, 1161, 1163, & 1166.
Site Plans (PDF)
Actions:Approved, 7-0