November 2022 Cases

Project Number:22-23
Applicant:D. Duirk
Address:3547 Meadowbrook Blvd. (map)
District:A Single-Family
Request:Requests reduction of required private enclosed parking spaces per Code Chapters 1111, 1115, 1121 & 1161.
Site Plans (PDF)
Actions:Approved 7-0
Project Number:22-24
Applicant:Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library
Address:2800 Noble Road (map)
District:A Single-Family and MF-2 Multi-Family
Request:Review of proposed Noble Rd. Library per Zoning Code Chapters 1111, 1115, 1121, 1123, 1151, 1153, 1161 1165 &1166 requests:
a. approval for a reduction in the required parking &
b. approval of conditional use permit for the expanded library.
Site Plans (PDF)
No formal action will be taken.