Animal Services

Animal Control Regulations

  • Dogs must be licensed by the county and wear a tag (Ohio R.C.955.05). (Licenses are available from the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer.) Dogs should also wear an I.D. tag with the owner's address and phone number.
  • Only two dogs or cats, or a combination of one each, are allowed per dwelling (505.02).
  • Only domestic animals are permitted as pets in the city of Cleveland Heights (505.03).
  • Animals are not permitted to make noise (i.e. barking, howling) that disturbs other residents (505.04). At night and during the early morning, barking becomes a greater nuisance. A constantly barking dog signals problems for neighbors and for the animal. Loud and constant barking is disturbing and may mean that your dog is cold, frustrated or lonely.
  • Animals (Exception being all Service Dogs - mobility assistance, medical alert, etc.) may not be brought into stores or malls (505.05).
  • Animals are not permitted in Public Parks (505.06).
  • Animals must be kept under control and not permitted to run at large (505.07). To protect our pets and neighbors, a pet should always be kept on a leash when going for a walk or any other time the pet leaves its home. This will reduce the chances of the pet wandering away and possibly hurting itself and others. Cats should be kept indoors and provided toys, companionship and a clean litter box. Stray cats may fight noisily and become a nuisance to neighbors.
  • Your pet may void excrement and urine only on your own property or between the curbs of city streets. You must pick up and properly dispose of fecal matter left by your pet (505.08).
  • Wild animals are prohibited as pets (505.09).
  • Animals may be impounded if in violation of Cleveland Heights Animal Control ordinances. A fee and all kennel charges must be paid in order for the animal to be released.
  • A vicious dog must be confined on its owner's property. Vicious dogs must be properly leashed and muzzled if off of owner's property. Vicious dogs must be registered with the City and a permit must be obtained (505.091). For more information please visit the Vicious Dog Registration page.