Municipal Parking Permits

Getting a Parking Permit

Parking permits for municipal lots are sold on a quarterly basis. Parking lots with available permits for sale may be purchased during normal hours of operation (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) at the cashier’s window. Permits for parking lots currently sold out, that become available after renewals, will go on sale the last business day of each quarter (i.e., March, June, September and December). The ‘’lottery’’-type sale will begin at 8 a.m.

Vehicle information, such as the make, model, year and license plate number will be required at the time of purchase. The cost for a quarterly parking permit is $115 per quarter. Seniors (65 years or older) pay $34.50 per quarter. Check, cash, Visa and MasterCard are acceptable forms of payment.

For questions regarding permit availability or the sale of permits, contact the Treasury Department at 216-291-5770.

Other Parking Areas

If all parking lots in your area are sold out, you may utilize 24-hour parking meters or park on the street where overnight parking is permitted. For questions regarding on-street parking, call 216-291-5770.