What is the CAC?

CAC stands for Citizens Advisory Committee.  It is made up of 22 members with a Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. 10 seats are reserved for representatives of the City’s 10 historic elementary school boundaries. An additional 12 seats are open to residents from all parts of the community. Members are appointed annually by Cleveland Heights City Council.

The committee provides a means for the community to obtain information on the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, assists in the evaluation and preparation of the CDBG yearly application, participates in monitoring the implementation of the CDBG program, and reviews the City's annual CDBG budget.

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1. What is CDBG?
2. What types of programs and projects does the CDBG fund?
3. What is the CAC?
4. What are the time requirements of the CAC?
5. How do I apply to serve on the CAC?
6. I may be affiliated with an organization that receives funding from Cleveland Heights’ CDBG program. Can I still serve on the CAC?