What topics might be covered?

Meeting topics could include:

  • ATM Precautions
  • Auto safety
  • Bicycle safety
  • Child Safety
  • Fire Prevention
  • Fraud and con games
  • Holiday Precautions
  • Home Security
  • Latchkey Kids
  • Observation Skills
  • Safety tips
  • Self-defense

Take an informal survey among your group and decide which topics are most important and set priorities for which subjects will be discussed. Try involving as many neighbors as possible.  Be sure to send out meeting notices – either flyers, phone (start a phone tree) or by email, once you collect email addresses. Some neighborhoods have their own websites, which neighbors can access for the latest information and updates.

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1. What is Neighborhood Watch?
2. Why have a Neighborhood Watch Program?
3. How do you start a Neighborhood Watch on your street?
4. What can be expected at the first meeting?
5. How do we then proceed?
6. What should a typical Neighborhood Watch meeting include?
7. What topics might be covered?