I've fixed the violations - now what?

Call the Housing Inspections office at 216-291-5900 to schedule a reinspection.

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1. What is the charge for a Certificate of Occupancy?
2. What does a Point-of-Sale Inspection cost?
3. How do I obtain a Point-of-Sale Inspection?
4. How long does it take to get a Point-of-Sale Inspection?
5. What if I need an appointment sooner?
6. My landlord has refused to make repairs to my apartment. Can I withhold my rent?
7. What are the hours of inspection?
8. How soon will I receive my inspection report?
9. Do all the violations have to be done before I sell the house?
10. I've fixed the violations - now what?
11. What has to be done so I can transfer?
12. I just bought a property in Cleveland Heights and I have completed the violations. How do I get my money out of escrow?
13. I would like to rent out my property, what must I do?
14. How many people can I rent to?
15. My neighbor has trash/junk car on his property. What can I do?
16. Who do I call about tall grass and weeds?
17. Have a Housing complaint?