Safety Tips for Business Owners

These Safety Tips for business owners and merchants are offered to create a safe environment and to strengthen their businesses and our commercial districts. In cooperation with the Cleveland Heights Police Department, the merchant groups and City Hall, we believe these tips and suggestions can make a difference. You can practice active management by doing the following:

  • Have every prospective employee fill out an application.
  • Background checks should be initiated for every prospective employee (sometimes a merchant group will come together and use the same company as a way to bring down the cost). Be sure that the application indicates that you will do a background check.
  • Be sure that your prospective employee knows exactly what is expected of them
  • Respect and enforce your own rules, so that you are in control of your business and your employees.

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Use the following tips to be smart about security:

  • Never completely cover your store windows; have your business be accessible for patrons, but also clear of obstructions for your employees.
  • Make sure your doors and windows are secure; do not leave doors open for deliveries.
  • When depositing money, call the police to provide transport.
  • All employees should know the contact numbers for the building owner and his dedicated building manager.
  • Every employee should know where the emergency contact numbers are located, i.e., your number, police emergency numbers.
  • Discuss with your building owner security systems and alarms that may be available