November 20, 2017

Resolution 118-2017: Declaring the property at 3267 Meadowbrook Boulevard, Cleveland  Heights, Ohio to be a nuisance; authorizing abatement of the nuisance;
Passed 6-0

Ordinance 119-2017: First Reading. Authorizing and approving the presentation of entertainment programs in Cain Park for the year 2018.

Ordinance 120-2017: First Reading. Amending the use regulations and rates  for admission and other services for the Cleveland Heights Community  Center, city parks, and Cumberland Pool for the 2018 winter, spring and  summer seasons, and repealing Ordinance No. 4-2017.

Resolution 121-2017: Declaring November 25, 2017, “Small Business Saturday;”
Passed 6-0

Ordinance 122-2017: First Reading. To amend certain subparagraphs of  Ordinance No. 102-2016 (F), relating to appropriations and other expenditures of the City of Cleveland Heights, Ohio for the fiscal year  ending December 31, 2017.

Ordinance 123-2017: First Reading. To make appropriations for the current  expenses and other expenditures of the City of Cleveland Heights, Ohio,  for the period of January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018;

Resolution 124-2017: Authorizing the City Manager to apply for grant funding under the  Cuyahoga County Department of Development’s Community Development  Supplemental Grant program to install security cameras in the Cain Park  Village Commercial District;
Passed 6-0