January 17, 2017

Ordinance 003-2017: First Reading. Authorizing and approving the presentation of entertainment programs in Cain Park for the year 2017; and repealing portions of Ordinance No. 143-2015.

Ordinance 004-2017: First Reading. Amending the use regulations and rates for admission and other services for the Cleveland Heights Community Center, city parks, and Cumberland Pool for the 2017 winter, spring and summer seasons, and repealing Ordinance Nos. 95-2015, 142-2015, and sections of Ordinance No. 143-2015.

Resolution 005-2017: Authorizing the City Manager to enter into an agreement with the County of Cuyahoga to perform certain services to help maintain the City’s sanitary and storm sewers;  
Passed 6-0

Resolution 006-2017: Authorizing the City Manager to execute a Letter of Intent with Evans Energy;
Passed 5-1