June 2017 Cases

Calendar #3423: The Orlean Company, 2728 Euclid Heights Blvd.,


‘MF-3’ Multi-Family district, requests variances to Code Section 1123.07 to permit 8’ setback along Mornington Lane (min. 30’ setback req’d.) & to Code Section 1161.03(a)(3) to permit 13 enclosed parking spaces (16 enclosed parking spaces req’d.).

Calendar #3429: Travis Cox, 2500 Edgehill Rd.,

Granted 4-0

‘A’ Single Family district, requests a variance to Code section 1121.12(a)(1) to permit a garage with 0’ setback to side lot line (min 3’ req’d.) and to section 1121.12(g) to permit a garage with a height of 16.23’ (max. ht. is 15’).