Gasoline & Kerosene

Gasoline & Kerosene

No disposal options exist in the county for these materials. However, most gasoline and kerosene can be used after it is "reconditioned" even if it is old or contains oil or water. 

Uses for Reconditioned Fuel

Reconditioned gasoline can be used in vehicles and smaller two-cycle engines such as snow blowers and lawn mowers. 

A fact sheet explaining how to recondition gasoline and kerosene can be obtained from the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District by calling 216-443-3749.

Mixing Fuel

When mixing fuels for a lawn mower or snow blower, be sure to only mix what you need, and at the end of the season allow the engine to run dry. 

You can also allow gasoline to evaporate, but take care to place it away from children, pets or sparks. 

Disposing of Mixed Fuel

If you want to discard a gas / oil mixture, you must solidify it with cat litter before putting it out with your refuse. Do not discard liquid gasoline, oil or oil / gas mixture with your refuse.