Rockefeller's Forest Hill District

Rockefeller Family

Forest Hill was once the summer home of John D. Rockefeller and his family. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. purchased the estate from his father in 1923 and planned an upscale residential and commercial development featuring distinctive French Norman style architecture. Before the Great Depression halted the development of his full vision, the Heights Rockefeller Building and 81 homes were constructed in East Cleveland and Cleveland Heights. Those beautiful brick French Norman homes constitute the Forest Hill Historic District. New York architect Andrew J. Thomas was responsible for the vision and execution of the development which was only partially realized. Following the second World War, Colonial and Ranch homes were constructed where the French Norman homes had been envisioned.

Historic District Portion

The Forest Hill Historic District is a small portion of the larger Forest Hill development which is represented by the Forest Hill Homeowners Association. A detailed history of the development can be found on their website.

The Forest Hill Historic Preservation Society is a community organization dedicated to educating, sharing and preserving the historic integrity of the Rockefeller legacy.