Dog Walker Watch

The Dog Walker Watch program reflects the ethos of Cleveland Heights Police Department.  

 We believe that a healthy community requires collaboration.  

The Dog Walker Watch Program:Dog Walker Watch logo

  1. Addresses the dangers of “distracted dog walking” – when you’re paying more attention to your phone/music than to your surroundings.
  2. Provides our members with information about the kinds of situations that warrant a call to police.
  3. Educates about how to effectively report the details for which police dispatchers and officers will ask.
  4. Asks members to be on the lookout for suspicious cars, people, or situations, and to be willing to call police to report it.

We rely on citizen calls.  Make us aware!  Sometimes just the sight of a patrol car will change a would-be criminal’s mind. 

If you prefer to stay anonymous, that’s fine.  DO NOT attempt to stop criminal activity in its tracks!  Just call 216-321-1234 or, if an emergency, 911.

Dog Walker Watch Tip Sheet (PDF)

Keeping your dogs safe

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Our dogs look out for us. We ask you to pay it forward.

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