January 2019 Cases

Case Number:3472
Applicant:Daniel and Djilda Faintuch
Address:3666 Berkeley Road (map)
DistrictA Single-Family
Request:Requests a variance to Code Section 1121.08 to permit a new addition with a principal use side yard less than the 5’ minimum required.
Site Plan (PDF)
Statement of Practical Difficulty (PDF)
Action:Granted 3-0
Case Number:3473
Applicant:GMC Cleveland, LLC
Address:2930/3008 Monticello Blvd. (map)
DistrictC1 Office District
Request:Requests a Use Variance to Sections 1131.01 and 1131.02 to permit construction of a new building for storage use (not permitted).
Site Plan (PDF)
Statement of Practical Difficulty (PDF)
Action:Denied 3-0