Parking Ticket Refund

  • What tickets are eligible for a refund?
    Tickets in these categories are eligible: Prohibited Zone, No Permit, Overnight Parking, Fire Hydrant and Fire Lane Parking, Abandoned Vehicle, Traffic Hazard, Parking on Sidewalk, Curb or Streetlawn. PARKING METER TICKETS ARE NOT INCLUDED.
  • How exactly did this discrepancy happen?
    The City’s paper tickets group certain parking violations together. When new tickets were ordered, after the December 2012 increase was enacted, a clerical error occurred that wrongly grouped fines that had not increased with some that had.
  • How did this go undetected for so long?
    This clerical error occurred in 2013. It was recently brought to our attention and immediate action has been taken.
  • When will people be notified?
    Notification has begun through media outreach and our website. A dedicated email address has been established and the City will be mailing a postcard with instructions in the coming days to those affected.
  • When do you expect to issue the refunds?
    We are currently collecting information and putting a process in place. Refunds will be made as soon as possible.