December 2015 Cases

Case Number:3388
Applicant:Gurgit Nanrhe
Address:2603 Noble Road (map)
DistrictC-2 Local Retail District
Request:Converting auto repair bays to accessory retail at a gas station, requesting variances to Code sections: 1) 1161.03(d)(2) to permit 4 parking spaces (7 req’d.); 2) 1131.13(a) to permit parking in the front yard on Noble Rd. (not permitted); and 3) 1131.08(a)(2) to permit no landscaping adjacent to an ‘A’ single-family district at the rear lot line adjacent to 3851 Monticello Blvd.(10’ landscaped area req’d).
Statement of Practical Difficulty and Site Plans
Denied 4-1
Case Number:3390
Applicant:Don Dakins & Fen Zharo
Address:2851 Edgehill Road (map)
DistrictA Single Family District
Request:Requests variance to Code section 1121.12(i)(4) to permit a 6’10” tall wood fence in corner-side-yard along Washington Blvd. and property line shared with 2840 Washington Blvd. (3’ max ht. permitted).
Statement of Practical Difficulty and Site Plans
Granted 5-0